Reichert SPR Technology

Reichert Surface Plasmon Resonance instruments provide leading sensitivity in a robust platform.

Reichert SPR systems utilize the Kretschmann configuration, the most proven technology for surface plasmon resonance.  Utilizing this configuration, Reichert SPR systems have leading noise performance (0.05µRIU RMS), and provide sensitivity for the most demanding applications.


Reichert has leveraged decades of experience with laboratory refractometers to design an instrument with the most stable baseline performance on the market.

The Reichert name is known for delivering robust instruments, and the SPR product line is no exception.  Reichert SPR systems have been developed with a modular architecture and flexible fluidics.  Reichert systems incorporate proven fluidic components that are accessible to the user and enable upgrades.  Robust and accessible fluidics enable users to tailor the fluid flow path to meet the needs of their experiments.  Reichert systems can handle crude, lysate, or aggregating samples that one wouldn't consider running on other surface plasmon resonance systems.  The robustness and accessibility of the fluidics ensures maximum uptime for the instrument, keeping your science moving forward.

Reichert SPR systems are designed with an open architecture that makes it easy to change sensor chips and flow cells.  A straight forward and accessible clamp allows scientists to change sensor chips or flow cells in minutes.  Reichert has developed custom flow cells to enable electrochemistry, photochemistry, fluorescence or mass spectrometry experiments.


The flexibility of the 2 Channel Reichert systems enables small labs in an academic or start-up environment to start with a manual system and upgrade to a fully automated system over time.

An open architecture and robust fluidics combined with a proven and stable optical measurement engine make Reichert systems and ideal choice for scientists who need high performance in a reliable, flexible, and easy to use solution that will last and grow with their needs.