Ramp Up Your SPR

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Surface plasmon resonance systems designed to empower.

On the cutting edge of drug discovery and other life science applications, our full line of SPR systems are meant not only to adapt, but thrive. You need SPR technology that can handle the full spectrum of biomolecular interactions for challenging applications, particularly protein-protein and protein-small molecule. Get the most out of your Surface Plasmon Resonance with:

  • Robust fluid handling system for demanding assays
  • Handle sample types including aggregates, cell lysates and serums
  • Market-leading baseline stability and noise performance
  • Easy-to-maintain systems with minimal downtime

With robust technological support capabilities like method development and on-site training, we’ll help steer you through the research process to solve your problems quantitatively with maximum uptime.

Your SPR Tools for Discovery

Reichert4SPR — NEW 4-Channel SPR System

SR7500DC — Dual Channel SPR System