Fluidics Kits

Reichert has assembled two fluidics kits containing the most common replacement parts for your Reichert SPR system. Cut down on costs from purchasing replacement parts piece by piece by having them all in one place.

  • image of SPR Fluidics Kit
    SPR Fluidics Kit

    The SPR Fluidics Kit includes an assortment of tubing nuts and ferrules, luer adapters, a tubing cutter, a pair of forceps, and a selection of different inner diameter tubing spindles and sample volume loops.

  • image of ESPR Fluidics Kit
    ESPR Fluidics Kit

    The ESPR Fluidics Kit contains all the items needed to run an Electrochemistry-SPR experiment including the electrochemical flow cell, Ag/AgCl reference electrodes, a platinum wire counter electrode and all fittings, connectors and harnesses.

Reichert also offers Preventative Maintenance Kits specifically designed to keep our automated and semi-automated systems running at peak performance.