A Specialized Collection of Flow Cells

A flow cell is a critical component in an SPR system that directly impacts performance, flexibility, and maintenance requirements.  In Reichert's SPR systems, the flow cell maximizes these aforementioned parameters. Reichert's standard flow cells offer outstanding performance with fast solution exchange dynamics, and extremely important feature when examining the multitude of biological interactions with fast kinetics. In addition to the performance abilities, the flow cell greatly minimizes the system's maintenance requirements and its overall cost, as it is not a consumable and can be cleaned in-between experiments. They enhance flexibility in that samples with different compositions—such as cell lysates and serums—can be analyzed quickly and efficiently without holdups. In addition to a standard flow cell, Reichert offers specialized cells that provide the ability to couple SPR measurements with other valuable analytical techniques. This opens up new avenues of investigation for specialized applications.

  • image of Standard Flow Cell
    Standard Flow Cell

    Reichert's new Teflon body standard flow cell features low volume with extremely fast rise and decay times on both channels.

  • image of Quartz Window Flow Cell
    Quartz Window Flow Cell

    The Quartz Window flow cell features a quartz window in each of the fluidic pathways to enable SPR experiments combined with Photochemistry/ Fluorescence.

  • image of Electrochemical Flow Cell
    Electrochemical Flow Cell

    Reichert's Electrochemical flow cell uses standard 3-electrode design to run SPR/Electrochemistry experiments simultaneously.

  • image of MALDI Mass Spectrometry Flow Cell
    MALDI Mass Spectrometry Flow Cell

    This flow cell represents an improved interface for coupled protein interaction and mass spectrometry detection experiments.