Accessories and Upgrades

Reichert Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) systems are configured with robust, reliable precision instruments for real time label-free biomolecular interaction analysis. We provide answers to the diverse interests of academia and industry with some of the most sensitive flexible and cost-effective SPR platforms in today’s marketplace.

All systems are modular and component-based, using off-the-shelf fluidics.

All components are purchased separately or as a system, allowing for easy upgrades and requiring minimal maintenance and lower operating costs. Our systems eliminate the need for yearly service contracts.

  • image of Autosampler

    The SR8100 robotic autosampler is designed to maximize the performance and throughput of the SR7000 and SR7000DC Surface Plasmon Resonance instruments.

  • image of SR8300 Semi-Automatic Injection Valve
    SR8300 Semi-Automatic Injection Valve

    The Reichert SR8300 is an electronically actuated, computer controlled, semi-automatic injection valve. SR8300 communicates with Reichert's data acquisition and analysis software via an RS232 connection. The sample loop is manually filled, but the computer controls the injection time by automatically switching the injection valve.

  • image of SR8500 Programmable Syringe Pump
    SR8500 Programmable Syringe Pump

    The SR8500 precision syringe pump is essential to optimizing the performance of Reichert's SPR instruments. It offers high precision flow with an extremely wide flow rate range to suit the application.

  • image of SR8600 Diverter Valve
    SR8600 Diverter Valve

    The SR8600 Diverter Valve is used to select flow over one or both flow cells of the SR7000DC and the SR7500DC Dual Channel SPR Spectrometers.

  • image of PAR Potentiostat (VersaSTAT)
    PAR Potentiostat (VersaSTAT)

    The VersaSTAT 4 is an extremely versatile and precise potentiostat. It has excellent low current performance with fA resolution and pA accuracy.