Frequently Asked Questions About Service

What is an RMA?

An RMA is a Return Merchandise Authorization. It is a form that is required before shipping anything to our factory for repair. Every item with a serial number requires its own individual RMA number. The RMA is a number that tracks your repair through the factory. It also provides the factory address for where the instrument should be shipped.

Can I have a service tech come to my lab?

Reichert does not provide on-site service. All instruments need to be sent to the Reichert factory for repair.

What should I do after I receive my RMA?

To send in an instrument for repair, you will need to have an RMA issued. Once the Service form is sent, you will receive an RMA within 48 business hours. Upon receipt of your RMA, please send us your instrument to the address at the bottom of the RMA.

What should I send with my instrument?

The only things that need to be sent are the equipment requiring repair, and the RMA. Accessories, such as power cords, remote controls, printers, Rotocharts, etc. are not required. Anything extra sent to the factory in error will be sent back upon completion of the repair.

The only items that should be sent in with a unit are items that are associated with the problem. If additional items are required based on the description of the problem, Technical Support will contact you, and inform you of any additional items that need to be sent.

How long will my repair take?

For billable repairs, typical turnaround time to receive an estimate for repair is approximately 5-10 business days after receipt of the unit at the factory. Once the repair estimate has been approved, repair is approximately 10 business days upon receipt of the approval.

For warranty repairs, typical turnaround time is approximately 10 business days after receipt of the unit at the factory. After repair, the unit will be shipped back.

Will I hear from Reichert during my repair?

For warranty repairs, Reichert will not contact you. Once the instrument is repaired, it will ship back. For billable repairs, you will be contacted with a repair estimate once one has been created. After repair is complete, Reichert will ship back the instrument.

Who pays for shipping?

If the repair is under warranty, either Factory Warranty or Service Warranty, then a return-shipping label will be sent along with the RMA.

Can you tell me more about the loaners?

Loaners are provided free of charge for Warranty repairs. For all other repairs there is a fee for the loaner. If we do not have loaners available at the time of the request, you will be informed when you receive your RMA. Please note that loaners are provided as a courtesy, and while we try to have loaners available for everyone that requests one, it is not always possible.

Where can I find more information on a product?

If you need more information, you can look at the product page. The User’s Guide and any supplementary materials will be located under the Downloads button for the specific product.