Get the expert service and support you need — before and after you invest in an SPR system. At Reichert, our experienced team of scientists is here to help you every step of the way. With easy access to our in-depth SPR expertise, you can advance your research faster, and work toward breakthrough discoveries.

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Before You Purchase or Lease an SPR System

Feasibility Study

If you’re deciding whether to purchase or lease a Reichert SPR system, we can perform a feasibility study to determine:

  • If SPR is the right fit
  • The likelihood of success with SPR
  • The time it may require to complete the experiment

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After You Purchase or Lease an SPR System


On-Site Installation

Reichert performs on-site installation for new SPR systems.

Training: On-Site or at Reichert Headquarters

Choose from one day of on-site training in your lab, or a session at our facility in Buffalo-Niagara, New York. Sessions at our facility can range from a half-day to three full days, and can include:

  • An in-depth experience with the SPR technique
  • Practical, hands-on applications
  • Lectures that show you how to confidently execute SPR experiments

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Contract Consulting

We offer a variety of consulting services, both remotely and on-site in your lab. These services include:

  • Developing SPR experimental methods
  • Running initial samples
  • Method development
  • Troubleshooting

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Contract Sample Analysis

If you have limited funding, need expertise on initial data, or if you’re capacity constrained, we can analyze samples for you. Here’s how it works:

  • You provide samples and proven methods, or we can develop new methods for you
  • We run the experiment in our lab
  • Our scientists report the findings to you, and provide in-depth analysis

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GxP Services

Make sure your system is performing to standard, and is maintained in a validated state.

  • Instrument Qualification – IQ/OQ/PQ
    Includes thorough on-site testing and complete documentation package required to qualify the instrument for meeting all requirements
  • Re-qualification (RQ)
    Annual re-qualification to maintain the system in a validated state and support the ongoing qualification process throughout the lifetime of the instrument
  • 21CFR Compliance
    Assessment and process recommendations

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Support Plans

All Reichert customers receive software updates, telephone support and “Quick Call” applications support at no cost. In addition, you can choose from three support plans to maximize your uptime and keep your research on track.

Preventative Maintenance Plan

  • Annual preventative maintenance

Full Service Plan — Factory Service

  • Remote support
  • Repair labor included
  • Preventative maintenance performed at Reichert
  • Genuine Reichert parts
  • Guaranteed fast turnaround for any repairs performed at Reichert

Full Service Plan — On-Site

  • Preventative maintenance performed at your location
  • Repair labor included
  • Genuine Reichert parts
  • Fast turnaround
  Preventative Maintenance Full Factory Service Full On-Site Service Description and fine print
Factory Certified Service Personnel All personnel servicing Reichert SPR are trained and certified by the team that designs band builds the instruments
Annual Preventative Maintenance Autosampler and syringe pump wear items are replaced as well as the system tubing.
"Quick Call" Applications Support Access to our scientists for quick questions regarding the software instrument and experiment design. Response within 48 hours. Typical interaction (phone or e-mail) is < 1/2 hour. Up to 6 calls per year. Professional services are available for customers requiring in depth training or method development.
Software Updates Software updates including bug fixes and minor changes to keep your system running at peak performances are included.
Phone Support Service reps are available M-F 8-5PM EST.
Remote Support   If enabled, remote log-in sessions are utilized to troubleshoot issues.
Repair Labor   Includes repair of failures - parts and labor included. Excludes abuse, misuse.
@ Reichert   n/a Repair at the factory - 1 week turn around (including shipping).
Loaner Unit   Option n/a Loaner unit shipped overnight the day a call is placed. (Note: Only the module that has failed is shipped.)
On-Site Repair - Standard     Standard lead time for on-site repair will be 3 weeks. One = one on-site visit. After that visit, option to ship back to Reichert or pay for a additional visit.
On-Site Repair - Expedited     Option Expedited = on-site within one week

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Preventative Maintenance Kits

Perform regular maintenance to keep your instrument running properly.

Learn more about Preventative Maintenance Kits