Reichert SPR Plus - 3x Faster

The SPR that does more. So you can do more.

Run pH and salt gradients • Collect fractions • Mass spec and LC

Do more — in less time — with the new Reichert SPR Plus

SPR Plus is a brand new system — exclusively from Reichert — that lets you run experiments up to 3x faster than traditional SPR. Youíll save time, save money, save samples, and get information that you simply canít obtain with other SPR instruments.

Gradient pump and fraction collector for more flexibility

Run pH and salt gradients with the SPR Plus pneumatic gradient pump.

Mass spec and LC integration for more results

SPR Plus lets you combine SPR analysis with other highly informative analytical techniques, including mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography.

To learn more or schedule a demo:

SPR Plus

You can also contact Phil Page at (716) 238-1624