Services and Support for SPR Researchers

Reichert Life Sciences has spent the past 15 years developing cutting-edge SPR technology and processes. But what makes the Reichert experience different from the competition is the full commitment to support and services. The Reichert Support Team is made up of a global network of passionate PhD scientists with in-depth SPR experience, and is uniquely positioned to help researchers with all of their needs, from methods development, to the performance of on-site, high-volume experiments for our customers.

We believe that major discoveries are the result of advanced SPR systems in unison with critical support services. In essence, it's the service that helps put the system into motion. We want you look at Reichert not just for providing quantifiable, high-quality data, but for our expert service, knowing your  investment is in good hands.

Whether you own one of Reichert’s SPR instruments, need SPR experiments performed for you, or are simply curious about what SPR technology is—our global experts are here to help. 

Contract Services
Reichert performs contract sample analysis

  1. Customer provides samples and proven methods.
  2. Reichert runs the experiment in its own lab.
  3. Reichert scientists report of the findings and provide in-depth analysis.

This service is ideal for customers who have limited funding, need proven expertise and knowledge on initial data, or are capacity-constrained in their own lab.

Reichert’s Support Team provides a variety of consulting services including:

  1. Developing SPR experimental methods and running initial samples for customers.
  2. Helping customers in method development and troubleshooting, either remotely or on-site with your team.
  3. Performing a one-day feasibility study for customers to determine if SPR may be a fit, its likelihood of success, and the time it may required to complete the experiment.

Installation and training for new SPR system purchases

Reichert performs on-site installation of new equipment and one day of on-site training

Three-Day Session at Reichert

Reichert offers a three-day training session at its facilities in Buffalo, New York providing:

  • An in-depth experience with the SPR technique
  • Practical, hands-on applications
  • Lectures that further enable participants to confidently execute SPR experiments

Support Plans

Reichert offers three new plans to maximize uptime and ensure that customer’s research never stops.

Preventative Maintenance Plan:

  • Annual preventative maintenance
  • Software updates
  • Telephone support
  • “Quick Call” applications support

Full Factory Service Plan:

  • Remote support
  • Repair labor
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Genuine Reichert parts
  • Guaranteed 1-week turnaround for any repairs performed at Reichert (including shipping time)
  • Loaner unit while a customer’s instrument is repaired

Full On-Site Service Plan:

  • Repairs to instruments made at customer location
  • Preventative maintenance

GxP Services

Reichert’s GxP service package ensures the system performs to standard and is maintained in a validated state. The services include the following:

  • Instrument Qualification – IQ/OQ/PQ – includes thorough on-site testing and complete documentation package required to qualify the instrument for meeting all requirements
  • Re-qualification (RQ) – Annual re-qualification to maintain the system in a validated state and support the ongoing qualification process throughout the lifetime of the instrument
  • 21CFR Compliance assessment and process recommendations

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