Reichert's Life Sciences Support Team

Are you wondering if SPR is right for your lab? Our life sciences solutions team has more than a decade of experience in SPR technology and is glad to discuss your application needs, arrange for demonstrations, and provide a quotation for a system fit for your research. To contact Reichert Life Sciences, fill out the form, call us, or email our scientists.

Reichert's Life Sciences Support Team

Mary Murphy, PhD
Applications Scientist

Mary is an analytical chemist and a problem solver with many years of experience in perfecting instrumentation used in life sciences research. Her professional background includes analytical research and support in surface plasmon resonance technology, chromatography, electrochemistry, microscopy and spectroscopy. Mary is a skilled analyst with a concentration in both the pharmaceutical and biotech fields. She has considerable ability in method development and troubleshooting.

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Phillip Page, PhD
Field Application Scientist

Phil has over ten years of experience working with advanced analytical instrumentation and is published in many peer-reviewed scientific journals. His Ph.D. research focused on investigating solute-liquid and solute-fluid interactions at controlled pore glass surfaces along with determining protein behavior and dynamics in novel ionic liquid solvents using spectroscopic techniques. Phil is currently the field application scientist for Reichert's surface plasmon resonance (SPR) product line. He works closely with customers to develop a working protocol for their SPR-related research.

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