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We at Reichert Life Sciences believe that information is power. We are always striving to provide you with insight into our SPR systems in easy and accessible ways. Here is valuable support material for your consideration. The most current articles and guides are highlighted below. The menu on the right gives you all of our documents from applications to past blogs to product literature and more.


SPR Insider Blog
Our SPR Insider Blog is an excellent source of detailed up-to-date information into the world of Reichert SPR. Click on any year in the column to the right and read all of our informative SPR blogs. Our most current blogs are:

SPR Advantages When Studying Biomolecular Interactions Compared to Other Techniques
Sensor Chip Buyer's Guide 

Case Studies

NEW Case Study: Dr. Thomas E. Smithgall, Professor and Chair of the Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department at the University of Pittsburgh chose Reichert SPR systems twice for his groundbreaking research in characterizing new drug targets as potential therapeutic inhibitors.

University at Buffalo professor of biochemistry Mark Sutton, PhD, uses a Reichert SPR system to study weak molecular interactions involved in mutations and DNA repair. Read the case study about how he prefers Reichert systems over Biacore.

Reichert SPR White Papers

SPR is proven to be the best method for your research
For more detailed information on why SPR is the best method for your research look at our white paper that compares other biomolecular techniques. The paper has a detailed comparison chart of all the methods.

NEW Sensor Chip Buyer's Guide

Which Sensor Chip is Right for Your Experiment?
With this new guide, Reichert makes it easy to decide which sensor chip to choose. Determine the specific requirements of your application, take a look at this new buyer's guide and then order the the right sensor chip.