Electrochemical Flow Cell

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The open architecture of the Reichert SPR system allows for the use of specialized flow cells for performing other measurements simultaneously with SPR experiments. An interesting example is the combination of SPR and Electrochemistry. (Read about the Reichert Princeton Applied Research Potentiostat to perform electrochemistry measurements)

Reichert’s Electrochemistry flow cell utilizes a three-electrode design. Electrical contact is made between a platinum wire counter electrode, an Ag/AgCl reference electrode, and the working electrode that is a standard Reichert SPR gold slide. The electrical leads from the electrodes are connected to a potentiostat to control the potential being applied to the gold surface slide surface. You can adjust the potential at the gold surface simultaneously with SPR data collection to carry out a variety of experiments including SPR/amperometry, SPR/pulse voltammetry and SPR/cyclic voltammetry. These experiments have been carried out to monitor polymer formation and for other novel applications.

  • Flow cell uses standard 3-electrode design to run SPR/Electrochemistry experiments simultaneously.
  • A variety of novel experiments can be run that would not be possible with SPR alone including the monitoring of surface phenomena and other exciting applications.

Fluidic Components

  • Total Volume: 25µL (Volume occupied by Counter Electrode 7uL) Wetted Materials
  • Tubing - PEEK™
  • Flow Cell - Acetal Copolymer (Delrin)
  • Counter Electrode - Platinum
  • Working Electrode - Gold SPR Sensor Slide
  • Reference Electrode - Ceramic Porous Junction