Preventative Maintenance Kit

Semi-Automated Systems

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SKU / Part #: 13307000-805

Reichert offers Preventative Maintenance Kits and a Tubing Kit specifically designed to keep our automated and semi-automated systems running at peek performance. Select which kit can help you DIY when it comes to replacing parts on your Reichert SPR system and keep your experiments running.

This kit includes the necessary items to keep the SR8300 semi-automatic injector and the SR8500 syringe pump operating at peek performance. Specifically, the kit includes the following parts for the SR8300 semi-automatic injector:
  • An injector port
  • A rotor seal for the valve
  • A pack of six (6) injection needles
This kit also contains the following parts for preventative maintenance of the SR8500 syringe pump:
  • A replacement valve
  • A 250 µL syringe
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