Reichert Life Sciences Offers NEW Professional and Support Services for Surface Plasmon Resonance Researchers

Reichert's expert team helps researchers get the most out of SPR instruments and can perform experiments for them

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Jennifer Carlo, Public Relations Coordinator
Reichert Life Sciences Offers NEW Professional and Support Services for Surface Plasmon Resonance Researchers
Reichert’s expert team helps researchers get the most out of SPR instruments and can perform experiments for them

Buffalo, NY – September 24, 2014 – Reichert Technologies, a unit of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies, today announced its offering of professional and support services for researchers performing surface plasmon resonance (SPR) experiments. Reichert’s global network of experts helps customers obtain the highest quality data from their SPR experiments by installing equipment, training researchers, performing contract services and consulting.

Reichert Life Sciences has spent the past 15 years developing cutting-edge SPR technology and processes. With passionate PhD scientists on staff who have in-depth experience with SPR experiments, Reichert is uniquely positioned to help researchers with all of their needs, from methods development through the performance of high-volume experiments.

“After listening to scientists, we are providing options that meet their needs to accelerate results in today’s challenging funding environment,” said Thomas Ryan, Chief Scientist for Reichert Life Sciences. “Reichert’s consulting and contract services quickly provide results and reduce risk to help solidify future funding and confirm research direction. Our support plans and training maximize a lab’s ability to succeed with SPR.”

Reichert’s versatile service offerings help all types of researchers

Contract Services – Reichert can perform contract sample analysis, wherein customers provide samples and proven methods, and it runs the experiment in its own lab. Once the experiment is run, Reichert provides its customers with an analysis and a report of the findings. This service is ideal for customers who have limited funding, need proven expertise and knowledge to provide initial data, or are capacity-constrained in their own lab.

Consulting – The experienced Reichert team also provides a variety of consulting services. The team can develop SPR experimental methods and run initial samples for its customers. Its experience enables Reichert to complete in a single week what would take two months for a typical lab. The team of scientists also can aid customers in method development and troubleshooting, either remotely or on-site to work directly with their team. Finally, Reichert can perform a one-day feasibility study for customers to determine the probability of success using SPR and estimate the time required to complete the experiment.

Training – Reichert offers a four-day training session at its facilities in Buffalo, New York, that provides in-depth experience with the SPR technique, including practical, hands-on applications. In addition to the hands-on training, the sessions offer a series of lectures further enabling researchers to confidently execute SPR experiments. These services are ideal for new SPR users and for those needing more depth to take on challenging experiments.

Variety of Support Plans – Reichert offers three new plans to maximize uptime and ensure that its customers’ research never stops. It offers a Preventative Maintenance Plan, which includes annual preventative maintenance, software updates; telephone support and “Quick Call” applications support. In addition to those benefits, its Full Factory Service Plan includes remote support, repair labor, genuine Reichert parts, a guaranteed 1-week turnaround for any repairs that need to be performed at its factory (including shipping time), and an option to use a loaner unit while a customer’s instrument is repaired. The Full On-Site Service Plan includes all of the preceding benefits, except Reichert will make any repairs to equipment on-site instead of in its factory.

“Reichert is offering these new services to take the fear out of SPR. By leveraging our knowledge and capabilities, we maximize our customers’ abilities to obtain the highest quality data from their experiments,” said Ryan.

Reichert’s global reach can benefit researchers just about anywhere

Reichert and its affiliates provide these service plans throughout the world. It directly provides all three service plans throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Reichert also has a facility in Germany that offers the Preventative Maintenance and Full Factory Service plans throughout Europe. Additionally, Reichert partners offer localized plans in China, Japan and Korea.

Importantly, all personnel servicing Reichert’s SPR equipment are trained and certified by the team that designs and builds the instruments.

About Reichert’s Full Line of SPR Systems

Reichert's SPR systems provide the diverse interests of academia and industry with the most cost-effective, sensitive and flexible platforms in today's marketplace. These systems supply a comprehensive characterization of molecular interactions that are important to researchers in numerous scientific disciplines, including drug discovery. These interactions include but are not limited to protein–protein, protein–peptide, protein–nucleic acid and protein–small molecule.

Reichert systems generate information-rich data to determine such key parameters as binding association/dissociation rate constants (kinetics), equilibrium (affinity) constants, thermodynamics and concentration. The systems give invaluable insight into the dynamics of protein-binding assays that govern chemical and biological processes.

For more information: reichertspr.lifesciences.com

About Reichert Life Sciences – Reichert Life Sciences’ entry into the design and manufacturing of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instrumentation began in 1997 with efforts to incorporate bio-sensing technology into Reichert's core critical angle refractometer products. This technology built upon a key Reichert patent (US Patent #4,640,616) describing a digital reflected light refractometer incorporating a charge-coupled device to sense reflected light intensity over a range of angles covering a refractive index range from 1.33 to 1.52. Since then, Reichert has utilized its applications knowledge to develop a full line of SPR systems that push the limits of detection and sensitivity in label-free interaction analysis with technology that drives research from discovery to development to production. Since Reichert’s first SPR device was sold in 2000, the company’s equipment has been used in hundreds of published studies.

About Reichert Technologies – With a 150-year-plus history, Reichert Technologies of Buffalo, New York, USA, continues to be a global leader in the design, development, manufacture and sale of analytical and life science instruments, ophthalmic, and medical devices. Reichert also offers a line of laboratory and portable/field refractometers for customers in the automotive, food and beverage, chemical and industrial markets, as well as clinical instrumentation for the healthcare market.

About AMETEK, Inc. – Reichert Technologies is part of the Ultra Precision Technologies, a division within the Electronic Instruments Group (EIG) AMETEK, Inc. AMETEK is a global leader in electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with colleagues at numerous manufacturing, sales and service locations in the United States and in many other countries around the world. AMETEK consists of two operating groups: Electronic Instruments and Electromechanical. Electronic Instruments is a leader in advanced instruments for the process, aerospace, power and industrial markets. Electromechanical is a differentiated supplier of electrical interconnects, precision motion control solutions, specialty metals, thermal management systems, and floor care and specialty motors.