New, Intuitive Software for the Reichert4SPR - 4-channel surface plasmon resonance instrument

Reichert sets the standard for easy-to-use SPR!

Listening to feedback from scientists who were frustrated with other SPR systems that made them feel like a computer programmer, Reichert’s new software is designed around the scientist and their needs. This new instrument control software guides the user through the natural workflow of an experiment – from immobilization to method development and through scale up of large screening runs. No training is required and the concept of “programming” a run does not exist – allowing the focus to be on the science, while the software runs the instrument. The new software significantly reduces experiment set-up time and manual entry for the scientist. The enhanced Reichert4SPR is intuitive and only asks the scientist about relevant experimental details.

An important benefit of the new software is the organization of projects and experiments. The system does it for the user. Want to build on a previous experiment? Call it up, modify only the parameters they want to change and begin. 

The software is perfect for core facilities and pharma/biotech companies. With a welcoming, clean look and feel, the software is not intimidating and easily walks you through the set up and execution of your experiment.

Consistent with Reichert’s philosophy, the software is ready to support GxP environments and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. No additional software or modules are required. Existing Reichert4SPR systems are compatible with the new software and the upgrade is available.

With the new software, Reichert takes ease of use to an entirely new level, while maintaining the extremely high sensitivity and flexibility scientists require for the most demanding and creative experiments.