Is your Reichert SPR instrument in a core lab with multiple users? Do you want the ability to track users of your SPR? If so, you should consider using the User Access Control feature in SPR Autolink.

What is User Access Control?

User Access Control is a feature that allows an administrator to track what users of their instrument are doing. In addition, you can limit which features are available to which user. For instance, you may want to prohibit a user’s access to the System Configuration menu or maybe you only want a user to use preset run tables, not be able to create new ones.

How to Enable Access Control:

User Access Control in SPR Autolink can be enabled from the Main Menu.

Go to User – Access Control and you will see the following box. You must check the box to activate.


Once User Access Control is enabled, only authorized users are able to use the program. You can also control which actions are available to each user.

To start, at least one administrator must be set up to manage the users: The administrator logs in for the first time with the following credentials:

Username: Administrator
Password: password

After logging in for the first time, the administrator will be prompted for a new password.


The administrator maintains the list of authorized users and creates user roles that specify access to SPR Autolink functions. User roles provide the ability to customize each user's level of access to the SPR Autolink program. A list of user roles is shown below. Each role can be made available to users by changing the value next to it from False to True.


If the administrator leaves Access Control on, then only authorized users can run samples. If the administrator unchecks the User Access Control box, then anyone can run samples again and users are no longer tracked.

User Access Control is just one of the many benefits of Reichert SPR instruments. If you want to learn more or have any questions about this special feature Contact Us. You can also speak to one of our specialists in our Applications Team.