Every scientist knows the limitations that are put into place once a grant is awarded and a budget is implemented. When it comes to instrumentation and lab supplies, quality is what matters. Reichert’s SPR systems help take some of the stress away. Reichert’s SPR systems provide excellent value, helping researchers save resources, money, and time.

Save Resources

Using precious samples that often take substantial effort and time to acquire or produce can often be stressful when running different assays. Reichert SPR systems are designed by experts in the biomolecular research field, Our systems require a minimal amount of sample for each experiment. Not only is sample consumption low, but samples can also be run without prior purification which also saves on resources.

Save Money

The open system design of Reichert’s SPR products prevents the clogging that closed SPR systems can be prone to. This forestalls the possibly of incurring steep maintenance costs. Reichert SPR systems can be used with all types of samples without fear of expensive maintenance.

Save Time

When a product provides quality results, experiments will be less likely to need to be repeated. Not only does this save time while conducting research, but it also saves resources that are needed to run the experiments. In addition, prior sample purification is not necessary. Reichert’s SPR systems can be used to study whole cells, crude samples, and serum. Another time saver is that samples do not need to be sent out to be labeled or tagged.

Reichert’s SPR Systems deliver in terms of both quality and value. High quality results, low sample consumption and customer-friendly service are all good reasons to consider purchasing a Reichert SPR system.