Whether you own one of Reichert’s SPR instruments or need some SPR experiments performed for you, our global network of experts is here to help. With passionate PhD scientists on staff who have in-depth experience with SPR experiments, Reichert is uniquely positioned to assist with all of your needs, from methods development through the performance of high-volume experiments.

More importantly, we have designed our support services offerings after listening to you, our valued customer. In particular, we are hearing that the challenges related to the current funding environment mean that many customers:

• Have challenging assays and need help with method development to get results;
• Do not have enough capital to purchase SPR equipment, or may not have the volume to justify a purchase. As such, you need data to validate direction and obtain further funding;
• Have access to an instrument, but lack the confidence or knowledge in the lab to tackle challenging experiments;
• Have an instrument and need maximum uptime with no hassle;

This is why we are providing these new services: to take the fear out of SPR so you do not have to worry about investment, failure or breaking an instrument.

Our support services are focused in the following areas: installing equipment and training, performance of contract services and consulting.


The experienced Reichert team provides a variety of consulting services. We can develop SPR experimental methods and run initial samples for you, with our experience enabling us to complete in a single week what would take two months for a typical lab. Our scientists also can aid you in method development and troubleshooting, either remotely or on-site to work directly with your team. Finally, we can perform a one-day feasibility study for you to determine the probability of success using SPR and estimate the time required to complete the experiment.

Contract Services

Reichert can also perform contract sample analysis, wherein you provide us with samples and your proven method, and we will run the experiment in our lab. Once the experiment is run, we will provide you with an analysis and a report of the findings. This service is ideal for customers who have limited funding, need proven expertise and knowledge to provide initial data, or are capacity-constrained in their own lab.

Installation and Training

For all new users of Reichert’s SPR systems, our experts will perform professional on-site installation of equipment, plus one day of on-site training to cover basic instrument usage and provide an overview of SPR technology. These services also are useful as a refresher or for new students entering your lab.

We also offer a four-day training session at our facilities in Buffalo, New York, to give a more in-depth introduction to the SPR technique with practical, hands-on applications. Composed of a mix of lectures and first hand training in Reichert’s lab, this option enables researchers to confidently execute SPR experiments. These services are ideal for new SPR users and for those needing more knowledge and experience to take on challenging experiments.

Variety of Service Plans around the World

Reichert offers three different plans to fit customers’ needs: a Preventative Maintenance Plan, a Full Factory Service Plan, and a Full On-Site Service Plan. This variety allows you to choose the plan that makes the most sense for you. Furthermore, Reichert and our affiliates provide all of these service plans throughout North America and Europe, with our certified partners offering localized services in China, Japan and Korea. Most important, all personnel servicing Reichert’s SPR equipment are trained and certified by the team that designs and builds the instruments.

We hope you enjoy this column and return regularly for future posts, which will provide additional tips for your SPR experiments. You can read more about SPR elsewhere on Reichert’s website, including our first blog post and our first Tip on how to identify and minimize the influence of mass transport.

If you would like more information about our support services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also ask you to provide your own input and suggestions to make this column even better. Contact us if you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss, or if you have certain tips of your own that you would like to share.