Introducing the Reichert4SPR – THE 4-channel surface plasmon resonance instrument

Are you looking for improved performance and results in your research? Do you require a robust, flexible and highly sensitive instrument?

With the launch of the Reichert4SPR, a new 4-channel surface plasmon resonance instrument, you get the answers you need quicker and easier than ever before. For those of you using Reichert’s 2-channel instrument, the Reichert4SPR has higher throughput (two additional channels for immobilization or to use as reference) with similar low noise performance.

We’ve kept the most popular features from our 2-channel surface plasmon resonance instrument including accessible tubing to all components, so you can easily change out tubing and to facilitate working with molecules like bacteria. Our pump offers a wide flow rate range (0.1-300 uL/min when running under normal operating conditions, even higher if you use wider internal diameter tubing). We also added new features like a built-in degasser, which helps minimize bubbles, (removing one possible impediment to obtaining pristine data), and added a solvent switching option, which increases flexibility of experimental conditions and enables easier clean-up.

The Reichert4SPR is a highly sensitive instrument with excellent baseline stability. If you are looking at binding interactions between large molecules (protein-protein) or between those with a wider molecular weight difference (eg. Protein-small molecules) you will achieve high quality results.

We’ve added several software improvements too. Run timers, volume calculations, and plot selectors help keep tabs on your experiment and make SPR easier. Report points enable quick summaries and comparisons for on-the-fly adjustments.

In terms of data analysis, from data acquisition to fitting your sensorgrams, obtaining quality data has never been easier. Even comparisons across experiments from multiple days can be quickly obtained and made publication ready.

Reichert has been helping labs access biomolecular interaction analysis with high quality binding kinetics for over a decade. With the launch of the Reichert4SPR, we can help you ramp up your SPR.

Contact us today for more information or for a free demonstration.