Our Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instruments perform lab techniques that allow researchers to assess biomolecular interactions and binding properties that are investigated in many fields of science. We offer several different SPR products that are specialized for different researchers’ needs.

The semi-automated Two Channel SR7000DC System offers low sample throughput for efficient acquisition of kinetic, affinity, and thermodynamic data for analyzing biomolecular interactions in the lab. Similar to this model is the Two Channel SR75000DC System notable for its high sensitivity, suitable for accurate kinetics and concentration analysis. This system is adaptable to various applications and both efficiently and quickly executes multi-step processes. Lastly, this system also has improved throughput as compared to the SR7000DC due to automated injections.

The Reichert4SPR is another option, offering robustness, flexibility, and low sample throughput. Compared to the two channel systems, the four-channel instrument maximizes throughput with the same accuracy of slower systems. Researchers will appreciate the 4SPR's quantifiable results and its ability to keep pace with the demands of even the busiest laboratory environment.

Reichert also provides a complete selection of sensor chips that apply to a wide variety of research fields. Relevant lab protocols are included with each sensor chip to ensure you are making the right purchase for the task at hand.

Among the sensor chips available for online purchase are:

plain gold surface sensor chips for studying surface formation and absorption in real time;
nickel nitrilotriacetic acid sensor chips for capturing histidine-tagged molecules like recombinant proteins;
neutravidin covalently immobilized on a planar mSAM surface for the high affinity capture of molecules like proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids, and so much more.

For your convenience, a variety of consumables is also available for online purchase: everything from needles and valves to fluidics and maintenance kits. There is no need to replace an entire system when one part isn’t working properly.

Reichert offers SPR products for every research group and the expert assistance and customer support to help ensure maximum uptime. Regardless of the type of research or the volume of the lab, our products meet the research and production demands of both academic and industrial laboratories.