Competitive Comparison:
Reichert4SPR vs. Biacore's T200

Compare the NEW Reichert4SPR to Biacore's T200

The Reichert4SPR, is the new standard for Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instrumentation. Our 4-Channel system features high sensitivity with maximum flexibility and uptime to meet even your most demanding applications. The Reichert4SPR provides more value than the leading competitor by featuring easy-to-access fluidics, lower operating and maintenance costs and our 5 year total cost of ownership is 30% lower than our leading competitor.

See for yourself how Reichert is a cut above its competition.

  Reichert4SPR Biacore T200
Number of Channels 4 4
Injection of Lysates, Cells, Particulates Yes No
DIY Fluidics Yes No
Autosampler Capacity Maximum 768 samples Maximum 384 samples
Baseline Drift 0.01 RU/min < 0.3 RU/min
Baseline Noise 0.05 RU(RMS) 0.03 RU(RMS)
Sensor Chip Cost $84 for dextran chip $150 for dextran chip
Specialized Flow Cells Electrochemistry, Photochemistry,
Fluorescence, Mass Spectrometry
Sample Volume 5 µL to 5000 µL 2 - 350 µL
Temperature Range 10°C below ambient to 70°C 4 - 45°C
Flow Rate Range 0.1 - 3000 µL/min 1 – 100 µL/min
Minimum Molecular Weight Detection < 100 Da < 100 Da
Equilibrium Dissociation Constant Range 10-3 – 10-12M 10-4 – 10-12M or 10-15M
Maintenance Costs < $10K > $20K
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