Competitive Comparison:
Reichert2SPR - SR7500DC vs. Biacore's X100

Compare the Reichert2SPR to Biacore's X100

Reichert2SPR - Reichert’s SR7500DC system is the smart choice for scientists and lab managers. Reichert surface plasmon resonance instruments provide a highly sensitive and flexible platform to meet the demands of a variety of applications. In comparison with the Biacore X100, Reichert’s maintenance costs, autosampler capacity, and sensitivity make it the obvious choice.

In terms of both capital investment and ongoing maintenance, Reichert systems are competitively priced. Reichert’s field application scientist provides an on-site, one-day training session when your system is installed. This service allows our clients to enjoy a seamless transition from demonstration to experimentation. In addition, Reichert offers a four-day training session at its facilities in Buffalo, New York.

  Reichert2SPR Biacore X100
Number of Channels 2 2
Injection of Lysates, Cells, Particulates Yes No
DIY Fluidics Yes No
Autosampler Capacity Maximum 768 samples 15 samples
Baseline Drift 0.1 RU/min < 0.3 RU/min
Baseline Noise 0.05 RU(RMS) < 0.1 RU(RMS)
Sensor Chip Cost $84 for dextran chip $150 for dextran chip
Specialized Flow Cells Electrochemistry, Photochemistry, Fluorescence, Mass Spectrometry None
Sample Volume 20 – 4500 µL 20 – 30 µL (required)
Temperature Range 10°C below ambient to 70°C 4°C to 45°C (maximum 10°C below ambient)
Sample Compartment Temperature 4°C or Ambient None
Flow Rate Range 0.1 – 3000 µL/min 1 – 100 µL/min
Minimum Molecular Weight Detection < 100 Da 100 Da
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