Two Channel - Reichert2SPR

Reichert's SR7500DC - the Reichert2SPR - pushes the limits of detection and sensitivity in label-free interaction analysis.

The SR7500DC Dual Channel System is a powerful two channel surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument, with incomparable sensitivity and high-quality binding data for interaction analysis. The flexible, component-based platform is ideal for analyzing lower molecular weight compounds, and offers high precision in determining kinetics and affinities for a variety of biomolecular interactions. Paired with our user-friendly, integrated Autolink software, sample injections are fully automated, enabling efficient experimentation and high quality data for researchers.

The system generates real-time data for invaluable insight into the dynamics of biomolecular interactions, including those between proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, small molecules, whole cells, bacteria, viruses, and polymers. Quantitative information on these interactions is vital to research efforts in many growing scientific disciplines, especially involving the development of drugs and therapeutic antibodies, protein structure and function, gene regulation, and systems biology. 

With its enhanced sensitivity, the Reichert2SPR System is ideal for:

  • High quality kinetic analysis
  • Affinity measurements for weak or strong interactions (ranging from 1mM to 1pM)
  • Precise determination of thermodynamic parameters
  • Accurate concentration analysis

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Extremely low noise (0.05 µRIU) and drift (0.01 µRIU)

SR7500-Baseline-LOW NOISE

High sensitivity and precise fluidics generates high quality kinetics for challenging assays

SR7500DC Comparison-LOW-DRIFT

Binding of 4-carboxybenzenesulfonamide to immobilized carbonic anhydrase II

  • High sample capacity (up to 768 samples)
  • Temperature control from 10° C below ambient to 70° C
  • Fast data sampling rates (up to 10 Hz)
  • Broad refractive index range (1.32 to 1.52)
  • Monitor binding of low molecular weight compounds (<95Da)
  • Identify potential drug targets and therapeutics
  • Antibody characterization

Modular, component-based design

  • Ultimate flexibility for cost-effective biomolecular interaction analysis
  • Minimal maintenance requirements with off-the-shelf, user serviceable fluidics
  • Low life cycle costs

Sophisticated, intuitive software

  • Integrated software controls and analysis package
  • 21 CFR part 11 controls
  • Altera FPGA with a virtual soft-core 32-bit processor
  • Processor is field programmable for future upgrades

Flow Cells

Reichert offers a standard flow cell with each system. This flow cell is used to perform molecular interaction studies and has low channel volume resulting in extremely fast solution exchange dynamics. We also offer specialized cells that can be used simultaneously with other valuable analytical techniques, opening up new opportunities for investigation in SPR experiments.

Sensor Chips

Sensor chips provide the foundation for experimentation. Reichert's high-quality, affordable sensor chips enable researchers to explore more interactions without higher running costs. Choose the right sensor chip type, format and size for your application needs:

  • Plain gold
  • Carboxymethyl dextran
  • Planar polyethylene glycol/carboxyl
  • Nickel nitrilotriacetic acid
  • Hydrophobic planar alkyl
  • Streptavidin/neutrAvidin
  • Protein A chips

Fluidics Kit

The Reichert SPR systems are designed to use low-cost, off-the-shelf HPLC fittings and tubings, allowing for quick and easy changeover. Our robust fluidics allow you to run more sample types you wouldn't consider to run on competing systems (including cell lysates, salt solutions, serums and aggregates). The kits provide all the connectors and tubing needed to properly plumb the system, including spares.

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