Method Development Notes

Reichert has a long history of helping scientists succeed with their SPR experiments.  This section includes a number of guides, tips, and help for developing experimental methods.

Type of slide (see our January 21, 2014 blog “Choosing the Right Sensor Chip” and the Sensor Chips section of our website for protocols)

 Type of experiment

  • Capture
  • Couple

(see our November 19, 2013 blog “Immobilization Strategies” for more information to compare and contrast these experiments)

Types of regeneration solutions

  • Acidic
  • Basic
  • Ionic

(see our January 7, 2014 blog “Overcoming Regeneration Problems”)

Other issues to consider:

Non-specific binding (see our February 4, 2014 blog “Reducing Non-Specific Binding”)

Mass transport interference (see our August 26, 2014 blog “Tips for Users Series - #1”)