Crude Samples, Whole Cells and Serum

Complicated Matrices

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) can be used to analyze crude samples, whole cells and serum. Analysis of a sample prior to purification can be very beneficial when the composition of a sample is unknown, or a rapid approximation of its contents is needed. The resulting data can then be used to help design subsequent studies.

1. Phage-antibody selection using a Reichert SPR Instrument

2. Serum IgG antibody binding to recombinant Ebola virus glycoprotein (GP) immobilized on carboxymethyl dextran surface

Robust Fluidics Systems

Reichert's robust fluidics design makes it an excellent platform for studying whole cell lysates, crude samples, and serum. This can be achieved with no loss of performance in sample runs, due to the open design and range of tubing diameters and sample loop sizes.

Unlike closed systems, Reichert’s SPR technology does not require a microfluidics cartridge, typically the Achilles’ heel of an SPR system as it is prone to clogging and expensive to replace.

The open architecture and decreased risk of clogging also expands the range of people that can use the instrument. Even novices can successfully operate a robust machine and use it to analyze a wide range of sample types.

Tubing Flexibility

Flexibility in sample type and study design is also made possible through the range of tubing diameters and sample loop sizes available with a Reichert system. With cost-effective pricing, scientists can have these on hand in the lab, to switch out whenever needed, without requiring an outside expert.

For more information on how Reichert Surface Plasmon Resonance has been used for these types of experiments, see the following publications:

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