Combining SPR with Other Techniques

Reichert systems have the open architecture, full accessibility and easy-to-change tubing which allow you to combine Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) with a wide variety of analytical techniques. If you want to get better, faster results, use Reichert to combine:

  • Electrochemistry + SPR
  • Mass spectrometry + SPR
  • Photochemistry + SPR
  • Additional analytical techniques + SPR

For the versatility you need to advance your research as efficiently as possible, choose Reichert.

More Flexibility for Your Lab

Here are just a few of the ways you can use SPR with other techniques:

SPR + Electrochemistry

  • Monitor polymer formation
  • Study compounds that selectively bind based on redox state

SPR + Mass Spectrometry

  • Identify what has bound to the ligand or target from a mixture
  • Use for epitope analysis

SPR + Photochemistry

  • Study samples that fluoresce to bind or unbind

Application Notes

Combining Electrochemistry with SPR

Combining Mass Spectrometry with SPR for Epitope Analysis

Recent Publications

Mass Spectrometry

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Leading Labs Choose Reichert

  • Performance and sensitivity to run routine experiments extremely well
  • Added capability to perform specialized applications