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Need help with SPR? At Reichert, you’ll find highly skilled, published scientists with more than a decade of SPR experience. Contact us with questions about:

  • If SPR is right for your lab
  • Method development and working protocols
  • Troubleshooting experiments and setups
  • SPR demonstration requests
  • Price quotes for SPR systems

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Our Lead Team

Lead Application Scientist: Mary Murphy, PhD

Mary is an analytical chemist with many years of experience in perfecting instrumentation used in life sciences research. Her professional background includes analytical research and support in SPR, chromatography, electrochemistry, microscopy and spectroscopy. As a skilled analyst with experience in both the pharmaceutical and biotech fields, Mary’s expertise includes method development and troubleshooting.

Lead Field Application Scientist: Phillip Page, PhD

Phil has decades of experience working with advanced analytical instrumentation, and is published in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals. He has utilized spectroscopic techniques to gain an understanding of protein behavior and dynamics in novel ionic liquid solvents. Phil also has over a decade of experience working directly with SPR and helping researchers optimize experiments. At Reichert, Phil works closely with customers to train and help them develop successful protocols on the SPR systems.

Principal Engineer: Richard Lesch

Rich has almost 20 years of experience in design and development of analytical instrumentation, including 10 years in SPR instrumentation development. His background includes working with mechanical and electrical systems, as well as instrumentation. As the technical lead on the SPR development team, Rich is involved in everything from manufacturing through service of SPR instruments.

Online Resources

View support literature, application notes and peer-reviewed publications citing Reichert SPR systems.