Reichert Technologies Life Sciences

Making history in precision instrument innovation

Reichert Technologies Life Sciences boasts a rich legacy in optics and refractometry spanning nearly 140 years. Continually centered on generating new ideas and technologies, our purpose is to keep providing the leading innovations that empower you in your ceaseless quest for discovery.

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Ramping up for today—and tomorrow

Reichert Life Sciences is a preeminent player in the design, manufacture, sale and service of optical refractometers that are integral to the study and measurable effect of biological interactions. We are a US-based company that produces a comprehensive line of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) systems for this purpose. Though we’ve created a whole host of innovations and patents propelling our industry through history, it is the present and future that excites us.

Our entry into SPR technology is a direct result of our proud history in optics. What began in 1997 in collaboration with experts at Cornell University has since developed into the latest SPR advancements for burgeoning life science research. Since the introduction of our single channel instrument in 2001 and the ultra sensitive dual channel instrument in 2006, we’ve been steadily raising the bar for real-time, label-free analysis of biomolecular interactions. After joining forces with AMETEK® Ultra Precision Technologies in 2011, we’ve continued to grow our SPR capabilities with distinguishing features that will help you explore the entire dynamics of biomolecular interactions.

The recent development of the Reichert4SPR 4-Channel SPR system is the latest example of producing analytical equipment that stands apart, for a greater impact on the drug discovery process for both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The Reichert name is tied to some of the most advanced clinical and analytical instruments available, all sharing the same goal: to help people work effectively in a wide array of life science research. By engineering and providing the most flexible and accessible SPR systems available, Reichert technologies gives you the freedom to discover—rather than being bogged down by the familiar challenges and limitations of other SPR technology.

A commitment to customer service and support

While our instruments provide the sensitivity and noise reduction performance required for challenging applications, it is our in-depth services that truly separate the Reichert experience apart from the competition. We are uniquely positioned to assist with all of your needs, from method development through the performance of high-throughput experiments.

 Our team is made up of dedicated SPR technology experts, on-call and available to support the critical day-to-day tasks to execute your experiment to perfection. Whether on-site or remote, we provide a variety of consulting and training services tailored to your needs and applications.

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Reichert Technologies is part of the Ultra Precision Technologies Division within the Electronic Instruments Group (EIG) of AMETEK, Inc.

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AMETEK consists of two business groups: Electronic Instruments and Electromechanical. Electronic Instruments is a leader in advanced instruments in the process, aerospace, power and industrial markets. Electromechanical is a differentiated supplier of electrical interconnects, specialty metals, technical motors and associated systems.

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