Reichert SPR Technology

For industry-leading technology that gives you more flexibility — and more savings — choose Reichert. Only Reichert Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instruments offer:

  • The most stable baseline performance on the market
  • Open fluidics that let you run more experiments
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Savings of up to $50,000 per year

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Industry-Leading Performance for Challenging Applications

Reichert SPR systems have leading noise performance, and provide the sensitivity you need for the most demanding applications.

Highly Sensitive with Extremely Low Noise (0.05 μRIU rms)

Low noise helps ensure the best signal-to-noise ratio, and maximizes data quality. As a result, you can obtain:

  • Analysis of protein interactions with low molecular weight (down to approximately 100Da) compounds
  • High quality kinetic analysis
  • Affinity measurements for weak or strong interactions (ranging from 1mM to 1pM)
  • Precise determination of thermodynamic parameters
  • Accurate concentration analysis

Industry-Leading Low Drift

Instruments with drift of 0.1 μRIU will improve data fitting without the complications of baseline drift.

Faster Baseline Stability

The Reichert4SPR System stabilizes 2x-3x faster than the competition, due to our streamlined fluidics.

High Sample Capacity

With Reichert, you can analyze up to 768 samples per run.

Large Temperature Range

A larger temperature range gives more options for experiments, and is especially helpful for thermodynamic measurements.

Fast Flow Rate

Faster flow rates speed up buffer exchange and can provide more accurate kinetics.

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Better Fluidics, Better Results

With Reichert, you can run more types of samples, and even tailor the fluid flow path to meet the needs of your experiment.

5-Minute Tubing Changes

Tubing is easily accessible — and easy to change and replace — on every Reichert SPR instrument.

Run Crude Samples or Serums

Other SPR systems typically require costly microfluidics cartridges that can clog if crude samples or serums are run. But Reichert instruments are robust enough for samples types you wouldn’t consider on other systems, including:

  • Crude samples
  • Cell lysates
  • Aggregates

Get Maximum Uptime

The robustness and accessibility of the fluidics ensures maximum uptime for Reichert instruments, which lets you avoid costly (and frustrating) delays in your research.

Less Clogging = More People Who Can Use the Instrument

The decreased risk of clogging with an open design also expands the number of people that can use the instrument. Many people, even novices, can successfully use a Reichert SPR instrument.

Variable Tubing Sizes and Sample Loop Volumes

Choose from tubing from 64 to 500 μm inner diameter, and from loop volumes from 10 to 5000 μL inner diameter.


Open Architecture for Easy Maintenance and Upgrades

Other companies offer closed SPR systems that prevent you from making adjustments and limit the scope of your research. Reichert SPR systems are designed with an open architecture that offers numerous short-term and long-term benefits.

Easy-to-Change Sensor Chips and Flow Cells

A straight forward and accessible clamp lets you change sensor chips or flow cells in minutes.

Variety of Sensor Chips Available

Choose from standard gold chips, specialty chips or custom sensor chips.

Combine with Electrochemistry, Mass Spec and Other Techniques

Reichert has developed custom flow cells to enable electrochemistry, photochemistry, fluorescence or mass spectrometry experiments.

Flow cell and a sensor chip
Flow cell and a sensor chip

Upgrade or Add to Your Reichert Instrument

With Reichert, you can start with the system you need today, and then easily upgrade your equipment, add specialized flow cells and make other enhancements, allowing you to perform additional techniques.

Save $50,000+ each year

Get results equivalent to the leading competitor at a much lower cost — up to 30-70% lower total cost of ownership over five years.

In fact, the typical research lab can save more than $275,000 per four-channel system over five years, compared to the leading competitor. How?

  • Purchasing the Reichert four-channel system typically costs $100,000 less than the leading competitor
  • Our high-quality sensor chips are often less than half the price of our competitors
  • While other SPR companies make you purchase a service contract (which can easily cost up to $150,000), with Reichert you can easily perform maintenance yourself.

To save even more, consider our two-channel system, available in both automatic and semi-automatic versions.

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Simplified, Integrated Software

Reduce errors and run experiments more quickly with Reichert’s data analysis software, which offers an easy-to-use interface. With Reichert, researchers with varying levels of expertise can perform runs with minimal training.

Reichert software offers:

  • Guided workflows (four-channel) or simple drag-and-drop interface (two-channel)
  • Flexible data analysis with multiple binding models
  • Access controls to ensure data integrity
  • Configurable authorization levels for creating and running experiments, options and data export

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Technology-Based Innovation for 140+ Years

Reichert is a name you can trust. Our rich legacy and history includes:

  • More than 140 years of experience in manufacturing precision scientific instruments
  • Hundreds of publications based on Reichert SPR
  • Working with SPR technology since 1997
  • Backed by a billion-dollar company, AMETEK, Inc.

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Reichert: SPR Technology That Works for You

Leading universities, labs and companies around the globe choose Reichert for exceptional performance, an open architecture and proven results — all at an unparalleled price. If you need a reliable, flexible and easy-to-use SPR instrument to advance your research, contact us today.

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