Case Studies

Our users discuss things like why they purchased from Reichert and what their experience has been like.



Case Study

University of Pittsburgh Chooses Reichert SPR Systems Twice

Thomas E. Smithgall, PhD uses Reichert SPR to research therapeutic inhibitors for treatments of cancer and infectious diseases.

Apr 12, 2017

Case Study

University at Buffalo Using Reichert SPR Systems

Biochemist Mark Sutton, PhD uses Reichert SPR system to study weak molecular interactions involved in mutations and DNA repair

Mar 27, 2017

Case Study

Washington University in St. Louis Case Study

Paul H. Schlesinger M.D., Ph.D. has a research focus on the intracellular transport of ions, including protons, and their influence on the physiology of cells and uses SPR to study the BCl-2 family of proteins.

Sep 15, 2015

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