From the Reichert4SPR four-channel instrument to the Reichert SR7500DC, our surface plasmon resonance products are suited to a variety of applications. Our reliable precision instruments maximize efficiency and accuracy with optimal levels of sensitivity and throughput.

The instruments' open architecture facilitates troubleshooting and routine maintenance. It is therefore equally suited to teaching environments and the busiest laboratories. Reichert systems are also ideal for researchers who must produce quantifiable data for publication.

Here is a select overview of Reichert systems' research:

Apply SPR to study small molecule binding interactions with proteins. For example, carbonic anhydrase II binding to 4-carboxybenzenesulfonamide or benzenesulfonamide. Obtain kinetic results comparing binding response to concentration of carbonic anhydrase II over time. This assay is highly reproducible.

Conduct thermodynamic analysis so you can learn more about a biomolecular interaction than just kinetics. By changing the temperature you can obtain kinetics values and, in addition, values for enthalpy and entropy. The Reichert SR70000DC system can acquire data about a biomolecular interaction from 10 degree (below ambient) Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius, providing information about thermodynamics of a small molecule inhibitor-enzyme pair.

Electrochemistry studies can be done to study redox reactions as well as to monitor electropolymerization and perform other surface chemistry experiments. These experiments can be very useful for displays, batteries, and sensors.

Use SPR for concentration analysis to determine the concentration of an analyte in a mixture. For example, our SR7500DC Dual Channel SPR system can be used to determine the concentration of anti-human serum albumin mouse monoclonal antigen in a mixture.

Reichert SPR systems provide robust, cost-effective instruments which are suited to a wide range of applications. Click to download a copy of our SPR Buyer's Guide. In addition, we offer expert customer support, contract sample analysis, consulting services, on-site training and maintenance.