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Reichert Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Systems provide robust, reliable precision instruments to investigate molecular interactions in real time without the need to label molecules. Reichert SPR instruments are powerful research tools offering a high level of flexibility, outstanding performance and remarkable affordability.

image of Four Channel - Reichert4SPR
Four Channel - Reichert4SPR

Reichert's NEW 4-Channel - the ideal SPR system for both macromolecular and small molecule kinetic or concentration determinations. Low noise +/- 0.05 uRIU and low drift 0.1 uRIU/min

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image of Two Channel - Reichert2SPR
Two Channel - Reichert2SPR

Dual channel SPR system with unparalleled sensitivity in protein interaction analysis, pushing detection limits with extremely low noise (0.05μRIU) and drift (0.01μRIU/min).

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image of Two Channel - SR7000DC
Two Channel - SR7000DC

Modular platform, outstanding value. This SPR system generates high-quality data for kinetics, affinity, thermodynamics and concentration - for biomolecular and material science applications.

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"The Reichert SR7500DC is a complete solution for research laboratories involved in the study of molecular interactions. I was impressed by Reichert's intuitive and easy to use system that allowed a range of types of binding interactions to be explored. Reichert's versatility, flexibility and strong support, made it easy to generate top-quality data. What used to take us weeks to analyze is now done in a matter of days. I would highly recommend Reichert when choosing an SPR instrument."

Dr. Paul H. Schlesinger, Washington University in St. Louis School
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