Surface Plasmon Resonance Systems

  • Sensor Chips
    Choose from a wide variety of competitively priced sensor chips for all of your research applications. Chips in both 2D (planar) and 3D (hydrogel) categories are available.
  • SR7500DC - SPR System
    Dual Channel
    Dual channel SPR system with unparalleled sensitivity in protein interaction analysis, pushing detection limits with extremely low noise (0.05μRIU) and drift (0.01μRIU/min).
  • SR7000DC - SPR System
    Dual Channel
    Modular platform, outstanding value. This SPR system generates high-quality data for kinetics, affinity, thermodynamics and concentration.



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  • "We have been using Reichert SPR systems for protein-protein interaction studies, e.g., ligand-receptor interactions, antigen-antibody interactions."
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