Surface Plasmon Resonance Systems

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    Reichert systems are a fraction of the price of the leading competitor with the same powerful performance. When valuable research dollars are being watched carefully, the smart purchase is Reichert. You can also preview our new 4-channel SPR system.
  • SR7500DC - SPR System
    Dual Channel
    Dual channel SPR system with unparalleled sensitivity in protein interaction analysis, pushing detection limits with extremely low noise (0.05μRIU) and drift (0.01μRIU/min).
  • SR7000DC - SPR System
    Dual Channel
    Modular platform, outstanding value. This SPR system generates high-quality data for kinetics, affinity, thermodynamics and concentration.



Read what scientists and educators are saying about Reichert SPR Systems.

  • "We have been using Reichert SPR systems for protein-protein interaction studies, e.g., ligand-receptor interactions, antigen-antibody interactions."
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Reichert Life Sciences has been cited in many peer-reviewed articles. Please see our most recent references listed by year.

  • Yong Wang, Boonchoy Soontornworajit, Niancao Chen, "Affinity Hydrogels for Controlled Protein Release," US Patent, Pub. No. US 2013/0196915 A1, Pub. Date Aug 1, 2013.
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  • Reichert SPR Instruments, the Smart Purchase

    When choosing a Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) system for your laboratory, performance and cost are likely to be at the forefront of your decision.  While GE Healthcare’s Biacore SPR systems are currently the most popular, this Surface Plasmon Resonance Insider post will explain why Reichert’s SPR systems, with their unmatched performance and low cost, are the smarter purchase for your lab.

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